My own Awards

In order to give inducement  to other Webmasters for their effort, I applied my own Awards that I will lend to deserved home pages. This Award is listed in different indices.

Here You can find samples of my awards. 
You can choose between two series.
The Expert-Award is given for outstanding sites. 
You can not apply for it. 

I assign this Awards to private homepages, which please me subjectively, on the basis of own criterias.
Not taken into consideration are Sites with pornographic, racist or other criminal contents. 
The Award is transmitted the winners as file or per Html - code or offered to download. If desired the Award can be granted as well as Flash - file
If my criterias are violated, the Award becomes deprived and invalid. On request, it is to be removed.
Absolve a small selftest to check Your Homepage's chance to receive an award.

Please apply for the Award with my Formular.

You will find here a Privacy Statement, my Code of Ethics  and a describtion of  my Evaluation Processing.

The Applicants' Status is to be recognized here.

Current winners are honored in the Hall of Fame.
Winners should be so kind to sign my winners guest book.